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We Build Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps are designed and developed specifically for a particular mobile platform, such as iOS or Android, using the platform-specific programming language, tools, and libraries. Here are some reasons why native mobile apps can be a great choice:
Better Performance

Greater Security

Offline Functionality

Unlimited Access to Device Features

Better Integration with the Operating System

Better User Experience

Cross Platform and Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid mobile applications combine elements of both native mobile apps and web apps, and are developed using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and then wrapped in a native container that can be deployed to different mobile platforms. Here are some reasons why hybrid mobile applications can be a good choice:
Cross-Platform Development

Faster Development Time

Cheaper Maintenance

Lower Development Costs

Components we cover

Mobile Application

Server infrastructure




3rd-party services





Healthcare Mobile Apps

Improving patient outcomes, increasing access to care, and streamlining healthcare delivery

Emergency response

Health tracking

Mental health

Medication and treatment tracking

Chronic condition management

Remote patient monitoring

Elder care

Nutrition and meal-planning

Personal health record

Fitness and wellness

Medical reference

Clinical decision support

Health education

Medical device control

Medical research

Education Mobile Apps

Providing students and teachers with anytime, anywhere access to learning materials and tools
Learning management systems (LMS)

Course management

Online tutoring

Language learning

Study and exam preparation

Test preparation and certification exam (SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT)


STEM education

Parent-teacher communication

Special education and assistive technology

Art and music education

Career and professional development

Business Mobile Apps

Increasing productivity, streamlining processes, and improving communication within an organization
Inventory and supply chain management

E-commerce and retail

Virtual meetings and video conferencing

Business intelligence and data analytics

Business travel and expense management

Business training and development

Business event and conference

Business survey and feedback

Business talent and job search

Business network and community building

Business social media management

Startup Apps

Create new revenue streams & business models, test new products, reach new customers, and build brand recognition
B2B, B2C, C2C

On-demand services

Healthcare solutions

Education and learning

Social networking


AI technologies we apply

There are many AI technologies we use for software, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and others that meet project specific needs
Image and Video recognition

Image analysis

Predictive analytics

Speech-to-text conversion

Language recognition

Voice commands

Automated grading

Adaptive assessments

Personalized learning

Intelligent tutoring


Include global & country-specific regulations

AI Technologies

Advanced solutions tailored to each project

Scope Management

Clearly defining the project's scope and boundaries and effectively managing any changes that occur. Then the project remains focused, and resources are not wasted on unnecessary work.

Timeline Management

Establish a realistic schedule that considers all the tasks that need to be completed, regularly monitor progress, and make adjustments to stay on track.

Cost Management

Control actual costs by accurately estimating and tracking expenses and adjusting as needed to stay within budget.

Quality Control

Meet expected quality by setting clear requirements, analyzing expectations, and implementing quality control processes.

PM Methodologies we use

Project Life Cycle Diagram


Years of Experience


Products Launched


Client Countries

Case Studies

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Anti-Aging Therapy Apps Based on DNA Data

A leading Life Science, Bioinformatics and Genetics Data Analytics company from Switzerland needed to display all the data representation of their clinical research on their users’ devices


HIPAA Compliant App for Accessing Vital Info from Health Information Exchange

Web and Mobile applications provide first responders and EMS personnel with access to critical patient information that resides within the Health Information Exchange


Mobile App for Parkinson’s Disease Severity Assessment

Frequent smartphone data collection combined with machine learning algorithms in a simple mobile app makes managing Parkinson’s disease more accurate, explicit and help treat the disorder better


UK NHS Compliant P2P Telemedicine Apps

This software has been developed for our UK client that needed secure, instant and up-to-date mobile telemedicine apps for online patient-doctor consultations, making prescriptions and booking appointments


Smart Diapers Mobile and Web Apps compatible with Virtual Assistant

Our team has developed iOS and Web apps that can be perfectly suitable for both medical personnel in daycare centers use and personal use by young parents


Video Dictionary Mobile App for Deaf and HoH

A constantly growing number of mobile devices in the world now allows to bring the educational possibilities to another level as well as provide help and assistance in learning and studying anything to the most remote places with the Internet connection, make the access to the information easy and handy

Inventory Management Software for Construction Companies

Inventory Management Software for Construction Companies

Mobile and Web app for construction companies that increases effectiveness by 36% and cost savings up to 15%. It is the corporate internal BI tool, asset and inventory management software that automates the supply chain between the contractor and supplier


Side Jobs Marketplace for College Students

The result is a mobile and web marketplace for the exchange of side jobs. The application allows members of a college community to earn money on their own schedules or to hire someone for help completing a task


Gym Membership Upcycling Marketplace

IOS & Android applications for upcycling on-demand gym memberships and classes for Customers and Administrators


Mature Dating Mobile Application

Our client came to SEVEN with the idea of creating the free online mobile dating application for an audience over 30 years old. He wanted to make not only text chatting, but focus on video chat mostly


Charity iOS & Android App Based On Distance Tracking

Our client came up with a very interesting idea of creating a fitness community with a collective social mission: a network of movers striving to better their own health

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Client Reviews

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They were able to overcome any problem that could arise. SEVEN's delivered platform met the client's needs and requirements. Their professional project management and communicative approach to keep the team updated were also key to the engagement's success. The team also praised their reliability and dedication throughout the partnership.

Analytics Company


SEVEN is a true part of our team. They’ve made an exceptional commitment to us. Quality, reliability, and scalability are the qualities they bring to our development. They're deeply committed to responsive communication and available in emergent situations. They’re a full-service agency that allows us to work with just one partner for this whole complex project.

Spare Parts Business

CTO & Co-Founder

One thing that I loved about working with SEVEN was how transparent they were. Their level of engagement and communication was excellent. The team also had a really impressive, in-depth discovery process. Their process actually provided a lot of support especially in areas that I hadn’t considered.

UX Design Agency

Co-Founder & Director

They’re extremely professional, and they pay great attention to me as a customer. SEVEN has created an app that stands out from the competition in terms of functionality and design. A proactive, attentive team, they consistently under-promise and over-deliver. Customers can expect a fast, impactful engagement.

Repair Service App


I got the impression that we're dealing with true professionals and that they understand our needs. The most impressive thing about this company is how they deliver a project with ease. They would do their best to help us reach our goals. And I felt they truly understand the project.

LED Group

Digital Design & Project Lead

SEVEN are great to work with and highly organized. Prior to even starting, SEVEN focused on understanding the needs of the project. The product met and exceeded our expectations. Also, very effective and honest communication. We are looking forward to building out the platform further with SEVEN.

Environmental Engineering Firm

Founder & CEO

The client liked their new site's aesthetic look, with 100% satisfaction from their internal team, thanks to SEVEN. They promised high-quality engineers/web developers, and they delivered, which resulted in a successful project outcome.

Computer Networkin Company


We were convinced by their previous projects. SEVEN delivered good quality software on time, which satisfied the client's requirements. They communicated smoothly and were always available for necessary meetings during the collaboration. Their availability throughout impressed the client.

Telecommunications Company


They’ve been instrumental in the business and have implemented all required features for the platform. They’ve delivered on time and have been flexible with the team composition and communication tools. Their work ethic and passion for the project stand out.

On-Demand Gym Membership Platform


Without SEVEN, this technology wouldn't exist, and we wouldn't have a product. Their work ethic is phenomenal, and the team is very passionate about their work and what they deliver. They want to provide the best service and build the best product possible.

On-Demand Gym Membership Platform


SEVEN delivered good quality software on time, which satisfied the client's requirements. Their availability throughout impressed us. Project was finished in good quality and in time, and the only thing they can do in the future is to keep the current quality of work.



Their flexibility and friendliness were impressive. SEVEN delivered a well-functioning e-commerce platform, including its staging environment. Everything worked as expected.

Social Impact Startup

Technical Lead

The calculator that SEVEN developed was successfully launched, which proven profitable and valuable. The team was an understanding partner who provided practical recommendations to mitigate emerging risks. Their knowledge, professionalism, and skills helped the client save money and time.

Human Resources Company

Managing Director

SEVEN has a lot of great ideas that hadn't even crossed our minds. They are communicative, professional, and responsive to feedback. Moreover, they've adapted their team composition to fit the client's budget. Their passion for their work results in valuable ideas that stand out.

Flight Support Company


SEVEN made a huge work to provide a turn-key solution for this project. Their flexibility and friendly​ atmosphere were impressive in the workflow. Their versatility stood out in the partnership.

Communications Platform

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