Mobile App for Parkinson’s Disease Severity Assessment

One of the main difficulties in managing Parkinson’s disease is that its symptoms can fluctuate widely over a period of days, or even hours.That complicates the process of tracking the progression of the disease and adjusting treatment.But frequent smartphone data collection combined with machine learning algorithms in a simple mobile app makes the assessment more accurate, explicit and help treat the disorder better.
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Project Importance

Usually, physicians are able to get a snapshot of a patient’s condition and evaluate the symptoms intensity only once every several months during the patient’s visits. Collecting smartphone data constantly can give doctors a clearer picture of their patients’ conditions.
The developed mobile app can now analyze the symptoms, assess the progression of PD and help with early Parkinson’s detection.

Value Delivered

From scratch developed Android application allows objectively assess changes in the disease symptoms over time because it doesn’t rely on the subjective and infrequent observations of medical staff members.

Key Features

Based on the advanced use of the phone’s accelerometer possibilities, machine learning tool is provided with the information about changes in

Finger tapping

Reaction time



Technology Stack


Custom accelerometer data analysis tool


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