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An e-Learning company faced a challenge of improving the academic performance of their students. The goal was to create an app for study assistance with a database for each supported subject. The project evolved to be a Mobile Application with integrated ChatGPT API

Key Functionality

The application includes all features of the ChatGPT by OpenAI, wrapped into an intuitive user interface and additional functionality to support the curriculum delivery and student performance evaluations by schools and universities

Question Bank

Subjects Library

Response Regeneration

Response Feedback from User

User Profile & Personal Settings

Premium Subscription

AI Functionality

The integration of ChatGPT API resulted in receiving a versatile and intelligent study assistant that can help students with a wide range of academic questions

Answer a wide range of academic questions across various subjects

Provide detailed explanations and examples to help students understand complex topics

Offer personalized study recommendations and resources

Provide access to a large database of academic resources and specialized knowledge

Continuously learn and adapt to student needs and preferences over time

Offer multi-language support for successful academic outcomes internationally

Value Delivered

The main goal was to combine the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT, existing curriculum of an educational institution and convenient access to the functionality for the users. Having profound experience with projects from Education industry and with integration of third-party APIs, our team worked on:

Helping define the service and product

Planning the functionality

Selecting the most suitable technology stack

Integration of OpenAI API

Complete UI/UX design process

Full software development process

Future Developments

As OpenAI continues to improve and refine the ChatGPT, the application will benefit from these advancements. By integrating ChatGPT API into the app, we ensure that it is always up-to-date with the latest capabilities and features. This not only benefits the end-users but also provides significant advantages to educational institutions that can leverage the cutting-edge AI of ChatGPT to stay ahead of the curve and improve student outcomes

Client Reviews

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SEVEN has been understanding and responsive, providing any necessary information promptly. Having worked with them since 2019, we have found their project management to be agile, capable of swiftly adapting to changes while maintaining a firm hold on the product's development process. Their exceptional communication skills and quick response times are particularly impressive.

Curriculum ltd


We have been collaborating with SEVEN since 2019, and the partnership has proven to be extremely fruitful. The project was executed smoothly and swiftly. SEVEN completed the task within the agreed timeframe, and the applications are now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Curriculum ltd

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