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Sales partnerships enable revenue growth with little investment. By leveraging our networks, expertise, and customer base, we can achieve shared goals and increase overall success
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We are open to new business opportunities and interested in establishing sales partnerships with the following:

Affiliate Sellers

Marketing and PR Agencies

Digital Marketing Firms

Market Research Firms

Web Design Firms


Relevant Sales Partnership Models

Referral Partnerships

A sales partner refers potential customers interested in our services or solutions to us and receives a commission for each sale.

White Label Partnerships

In a white-label partnership, we provide software solutions or service that is rebranded and sold by a sales partner as their own.

Experience the Benefits

Partnering with us provides sales partners with a range of benefits, ultimately resulting in increased client satisfaction and retention:

Access to Specialized Expertise

We provide access to our specialized expertise in healthcare, education, audio/video/chat software, and other business solutions.

Enhanced Experience

Our expert team helps to understand our solutions and services and provides informed recommendations leading to increased trust in us.

Reliability and Authority

Our time-tested project management processes ensure consistent delivery of projects and the building of trustworthy relationships with clients.

Business Advantages

There is no need to waste time investing in a new line of business. Just leverage our software solutions and services to increase revenue streams.

Joining forces with us as a sales partner means tapping into our collective strengths, experience, and expertise to deliver top-notch solutions to our clients and generate mutually beneficial business growth
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Ukraine is Open for IT

Authority Backing

Government support of the IT industry through talent retention and tax reductions (lower in comparison to US/EU regions)

Local Specialists

A great pool of IT talent gives us the ability to build skilled teams tailored to deliver software projects

Cost Saving

No headache with recruiting, team management, retention, taxes, or other mandatory expenses

Looking forward to collaboration!

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