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Anti-Aging Therapy Apps Based on DNA Data

A leading Life Science, Bioinformatics and Genetics Data Analytics company from Switzerland needed to display all the data representation of their clinical research on their users’ devices. The solution had to increase customer loyalty, speed up the process of operating information, and improve the company’s image on the Bioinformatics / Life Science / Clinical research market.
After we released the Web and Mobile applications, we were asked to develop 2 websites for their company.
Seven / Case Studies / Anti-Aging Therapy Apps Based on DNA Data

Main Features

This project is the first ever anti-aging program based on individual recommendations for skin care, weight loss, and sport performance. Application is a tool for the user to receive information about their unique, personal DNA-based diet and physical exercises, also progress tracking is offered.

Providing detailed, unique diet and physical exercise plans

Progress tracker and automatic adjustment of the program plan

Automatic calculation of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and calories from the meal

Personalized recommendations for maintaining health

What was developed

Corporate Website

Customer's Website

Web Application: Client Private Area (CPA)

Ecommerce Part (Customer’s Website)

iOS Application for CPA

Android Application for CPA

Web Application: Client Private Area (CPA)

We developed Web application from scratch. We also suggested that the we include up-sell elements into the project. This addition helped to increase sales amongst 20% of users.

Ecommerce Part

Ecommerce Part Functionality

A complex catalog of 1000+ products (creams, pills, salves, etc.)

Bundling products into packages according to certain rules and customer data

A system for tracking order movement based on a unique code

Ability to manage / set tax and delivery rates for different countries

Dynamic price formation for each of 20+ countries, 4 levels and 5 types of distributors. Each distributor can set a specific price for each type of customer

A system of dynamic price formation depending on country, type of client (new / regular / gold) and source (website / CPA / distributor)

Various sales reports generation

System for collecting information about users

Multi-language support

Cross-domain authorization

iOS and Android Applications for CPA

We developed iOS and Android applications. We offered also to include upsale elements to the project. It helped to increase sales in 20% of users.

Mobile Applications

Customer’s Websites

DNA Survey

DNA Survey Functionality

Several types with different numbers and types of questions

Collect information about current harmful habits, food preferences, sports and lifestyle

Dynamic generation and appearance depending on customer's behavior

Corporate Websites

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