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We are SEVEN, established in 2007 and chosen by 100+ clients.

We have a proven expertise in the IT outsourcing and outstaffing services.

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Engineering Software Solutions
since 2007

From Idea to Implementation


Historically, most of our ready-to-use solutions and gained experience have made us stand out within the following industries:


  • Real-time Telemedicine solutions
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Clinic Management Software
  • Health Information Exchange apps


  • E-learning solutions
  • Real-time learning tools for online education
  • Learning management systems for universities and schools


  • PPM real-time Text, Voice and Video communication tools
  • Enterprise Application Integration solutions (EAI)
  • Custom eCommerce solutions

Years of Experience


Products Launched


Client Countries


SEVEN is a full-service software development company offering expertise and ready-to-use solutions in these fields:

Software Product Prototyping

Software product prototype is a necessary, time-tested, and efficient step for a quicker and more cost-effective software product development from scratch.

Custom Software Development

Beneficial when looking for a service provider that takes full responsibility for product quality, risks mitigation, and budget compliance.

Technical Research and POC

The first step when facing technological challenge. The goal is to prove the possibility of technical implementation and viability of the concept as a whole.

Dedicated Development Team

Beneficial approach to starting software development without spending time and money on recruitment, equipment, office space, legal support, and more.

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About Us

One-stop-shop for Software Development








Save development time and money with our ready-to-use solutions. Apply as is, or let us tailor it to specific requirements and user needs.

White Label PPM Chat Solution

This solution is a ready-to-launch live e-counseling business for monetizing expert advice that can work as a new startup or extension to corporate digital presence.

SaaS Platform Core

Startup-oriented solution for quick and cost-effective custom software development of cloud-based solutions that cover SaaS architecture and method of software delivery.

PPM, PPS Voice / Video Solution

Business and startup-oriented real-time voice and video solution that helps monetize online services via Mobile or Web apps while saving money and bypassing rookie mistakes.

B2B / B2C / C2C App Cores

Specific secure and tested backend cores with default functionality to build cloud-based software solutions from scratch.

Text Messaging Solution

Regular or Pay-Per-Minute (PPM) chat based on secure encrypted one-to-one and group messaging for existing web and mobile apps or developing new ones from scratch.

iOS / Android App Cores

Move faster and save budget for implementing specific features while developing the native mobile apps from scratch based on our iOS or Android core that includes default functionality.


Include global & country-specific regulations


Based on expertise and time-tested approaches

AI Technologies

Advanced solutions tailored to each project

Feel free to ask us about our solution in details!


Client Reviews


SEVEN is a true part of our team. They’ve made an exceptional commitment to us. Quality, reliability, and scalability are the qualities they bring to our development. They're deeply committed to responsive communication and available in emergent situations. They’re a full-service agency that allows us to work with just one partner for this whole complex project.

Spare Parts Business

CTO & Co-Founder

One thing that I loved about working with SEVEN was how transparent they were. Their level of engagement and communication was excellent. The team also had a really impressive, in-depth discovery process. Their process actually provided a lot of support especially in areas that I hadn’t considered.

UX Design Agency

Co-Founder & Director

SEVEN has a lot of great ideas that hadn't even crossed our minds. They are communicative, professional, and responsive to feedback. Moreover, they've adapted their team composition to fit the client's budget. Their passion for their work results in valuable ideas that stand out.

Flight Support Company


They’re extremely professional, and they pay great attention to me as a customer. SEVEN has created an app that stands out from the competition in terms of functionality and design. A proactive, attentive team, they consistently under-promise and over-deliver. Customers can expect a fast, impactful engagement.

Repair Service App


The product that SEVEN developed was successfully launched, which proven profitable and valuable. The team was an understanding partner who provided practical recommendations to mitigate emerging risks. Their knowledge, professionalism, and skills helped the client save money and time.

Human Resources Company

Managing Director

The client liked their new site's aesthetic look, with 100% satisfaction from their internal team, thanks to SEVEN. They promised high-quality engineers/web developers, and they delivered, which resulted in a successful project outcome.

Computer Networking Company


We were convinced by their previous projects. SEVEN delivered good quality software on time, which satisfied the client's requirements. They communicated smoothly and were always available for necessary meetings during the collaboration. Their availability throughout impressed the client.

Telecommunications Company

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Are you looking for an opportunity to combine efforts and resources to make profit?
Welcome aboard!


Partnership rates and discounts to significantly reduce the cost of software development and maintenance in exchange for company shares.

Joint company

Beneficial for those looking for a software development partner within our expertise to start a subsidiary company or a new business together.

Dedicated Development Center (DDC)

For those aiming to start DDC as your own legal entity in Ukraine to get all outsourcing benefits exclusively for the purposes of their startup or business using our experience and knowledge.

Sales Partnership

Ideal for independent sellers or third-party companies that have their clients while looking for a service provider that takes full responsibility for quality and timely delivery.

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