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Smart Diapers

Mobile and Web

Apps compatible

with Virtual Assistant

Seven / Case Studies / Smart Diapers Mobile and Web Apps compatible with Virtual Assistant

About the Project

The importance of building projects for the healthcare industry it is not only a possibility to implement a wide range of technological solutions but also help people, bring the comfort into their lives and ease their daily routine. Our work on this project resulted in an innovative smart diaper iOS and Web apps which are compatible with Alexa virtual assistant and can be widely used among daycare centers, child care, and young parents.

Value Delivered

Our team has developed iOS and Web apps that can be perfectly suitable for both medical personnel in daycare centers use and personal use by young parents.

Key Functionality

Closely cooperating with our team, the client has created a sensor-based wearable and disposable solution that makes any diaper or adult pad a smart diaper. The main functionality of the product is efficient and continuous monitoring of elderly’s and infants’ health conditions, biometrics gathering, notifying about urine, stool, body temperature, and body positioning changes detected.

Users history tracking

Multiple pucks connection

Amazon Echo Dot integration

Status assignment

Payment gateway integration

Diapers e-shop

Bluetooth Low Energy integration

Diaper condition and temperature change alerts

Puck ID implementation and QR scanner integration

Daycare Center Mobile and Web Apps

Created iOS and Web applications help adult daycares’ staff to work more effectively by simplifying the monitoring of multiple patients’ conditions and providing valuable information such as temperature, body positioning, and biometric levels in real time. This product helps adult nursing to stay organized, managed faster, easier and time-efficiently.

Consumer Version Mobile App

Developed iOS application allows young parents to take a better care of their kids by using their phones and Alexa personal assistant connected to the smart diapers.

Technology Stack






Keychain Swift


Realm Swift







Custom Skill for Alexa






Swifty JSON


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