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Building one's own DDC is not limited to businesses that must maintain full control over their development process, comply with strict standards, and protect their intellectual property
But the most important reasons for that are:

Max Software Development Costs Reducing

Developing Innovative Technology

Dealing with Sensitive Data

Ensuring Long-term and Stable Support

Long-term Collaboration Models We Provide

We offer an Open-Book Pricing model for a long-term collaboration to meet all specific customers’ needs and minimize software development costs by transparency in labor and overhead costs and a negotiated profit margin

Partnered DDT

Building in partnership with a third-party vendor that provides infrastructure, staffing, and DDC management while the client manages the project and the development team

Hybrid DDT

This DDC combines on-site and remote developers. Part of the developers is located on-site at the Customer's location, while the remainder of the team is located remotely

Build-Operate-Transfer DDC

This DDC is a hybrid model where a third-party vendor sets up and manages the DDC for a specific period. After that, the Customer takes over the DDC and its operations entirely

Development Teams We Build

Depending on a budget, product requirements, communication needs, and strategic objectives, we build a team that aligns with your goals and priorities

Dedicated full-cycle software development team

Note! The number of specialists and their personnel are agreed upon

Software development team size to suit your needs


A good fit for startups or small businesses that need to keep costs low but still require a dedicated team for software development


A good fit for businesses with moderate development needs or those that are looking to expand their software development capabilities


Big organizations typically use it with substantial development needs, such as enterprise-level companies or government agencies

Experience the Benefits

As a software development company that has worked on outsourcing since 2007, we are an experienced service provider in building a Dedicated Development Center and Team.

Here’s why:

We are experience in managing dedicated development teams and coordinating with clients across different time zones and geographies

We have the needed infrastructure and tools to ensure efficient communication and collaboration to provide remote work

Our HR, technical experts, recruiters, lawyers, and accountants work on the quick building of a development team

We are flexible in terms of staffing and scaling the team up or down per project requirements without investing in additional resources and infrastructure

We are able to provide a wide range of specialized technical expertise and domain knowledge that can be tapped into the project

We are familiar with Ukrainian legal and regulatory requirements and provide appropriate support in establishing a Build-Operate-Transfer DDC

Why Offshore Software Development in Ukraine

Ukraine is a popular destination for offshore software development because of its highly skilled workforce, cost savings, geographic proximity, English language proficiency, and cultural affinity

Established IT Outsourcing Industry

Ukraine has a well-established IT outsourcing industry, including over 1,500 IT companies. Many international companies, such as Microsoft, Huawei, and Apple, have DDC in Ukraine

Government Support of the Industry

The Ukrainian government has been working to improve the business environment in recent years, focusing on improving the ease of doing business and reducing taxes for the IT sector


Ukraine offers cost savings compared to building an in-house development team or hiring a team in other countries. Offshore DDC in Ukraine can achieve savings of up to 30% compared to in-house development

Around 250K IT Professionals

The software development market in Ukraine contained around 250k IT professionals as of January 2023. So, a great pool of IT talent gives us the ability to build skilled DDC tailored to deliver software projects

If you're looking for a partner to help you achieve your goals, we're here and ready to share with you our knowledge and resources
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Ukraine is Open for IT

Authority Backing

Government support of the IT industry through talent retention and tax reductions (lower in comparison to US/EU regions)

Local Specialists

A great pool of IT talent gives us the ability to build skilled teams tailored to deliver software projects

Cost Saving

No headache with recruiting, team management, retention, taxes, or other mandatory expenses

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