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Joint companies are often formed to pool resources, expertise, and market access to achieve a common business objective or enter a new market
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We are always open to such new business prospects and have experience in establishing a joint company with the following:

Startup Founders

Who have been our Сlients for a long time, and each party has gained a high credit of trust to grow a joint business

Business Owners

Whom our expertise is profitable for and who can provide us with a range of benefits in selling our services in local markets

Benefits for Startup founders

Complementary Skill Sets

We can bring technical expertise in software development and technology, while the startup's founder can bring business acumen, market insight, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Together, their complementary skill sets can help the joint company to develop and launch a successful product or service.

Increased Market Access

The joint company can benefit from the startup founder's market insights and customer base, as well as the software development company's technology expertise, to reach a larger market.

Shared Resources

By pooling their resources, the two founders can leverage their collective expertise, networks, and financial resources to develop and launch the joint company's product or service.

Potential for Greater Profits

By combining the startup founder's innovative business idea with the software development company's technical expertise, the joint company may be able to create a unique and valuable product or service, which can lead to greater profits for the founders.

Reduced Risk

The joint company can help to reduce the risk associated with launching a new product or service by sharing the costs and risks of development and marketing.

Better Scalability

By partnering with a software development company, the startup founder can leverage the technical infrastructure and experience of the partner, which can help to scale the business more effectively and efficiently.

Benefits for Business Owners

Competitive Advantage

We provide access to our specialized expertise in healthcare, education, audio/video/chat software, and other business solutions. There is no need to waste time in achieving these gains.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing software development to a company located in a country with lower labor costs is cost-effective for the clients. This reduces development costs, which leads to higher profit margins for both sides.

Faster Time-to-Market

We can more quickly adapt to local market conditions and customer needs by leveraging our expertise. This increases revenue streams and builds up new common expertise in a local market.

Reduced Cultural Barriers

By partnering with a local business co-owner in another country, the software development company can better understand the local culture and customs, which can help to reduce cultural barriers to sales.

Options For You To Choose From

We can form several types of joint companies to own and operate a business jointly.
The relevant ones in our case are:

Joint venture

Limited liability company (LLC)


Let's collaborate, combining our expertise and resources to create a partnership that drives our profits and helps us achieve our financial goals
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Ukraine is Open for IT

Authority Backing

Government support of the IT industry through talent retention and tax reductions (lower in comparison to US/EU regions)

Local Specialists

A great pool of IT talent gives us the ability to build skilled teams tailored to deliver software projects

Cost Saving

No headache with recruiting, team management, retention, taxes, or other mandatory expenses

Looking forward to collaboration!

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