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Utilizing a Proof of Concept (PoC) or Proof of Technology (PoT) before committing significant resources to a Full-scale Software Development helps

Save Money

Minimize Risks

Gain Insights

Make Informed Decisions

Cases That Call For It

Where a core functionality of the necessary software solution is built to validate its feasibility and demonstrate its value

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Feasibility Testing of Ideas

When it's necessary to validate the market demand and potential of a new business idea

Raising Capital

Early business idea demonstration to potential investors and clients with the purpose of raising money for further product development

Early User Feedback

When it is crucial to assess whether a new software can solve a specific problem and meet a particular user's needs

Proof of Technology (PoT)

Technical Feasibility Testing

When it is critical to ensure that a technology solution is feasible and able to work as intended

Technical Validation

When it is crucial to test that technical implementation meets established technical KPIs

Compatibility Testing

When it is important to test that technical component can be used in a specific application or system

Key Activities and Deliverables

PoC or PoT typically includes several key activities and deliverables, which may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the project
Selection Criteria
Establishing criteria for further evaluation, including factors such as performance, scalability, compatibility, cost, etc
PoC or PoT Development
Developing innovative and unspecified core software components while tackling technical challenges and incorporating specialized third-party integrations

Problem Definition

Articulating the problem the PoC or PoT aims to address and outlining the objectives and success criteria

Requirements Gathering

Identifying the requirements, such as technical specifications, business needs, and any constraints

Selection Criteria

Establishing criteria for further evaluation, including factors such as performance, scalability, compatibility, cost, etc

Technology Evaluation

Research and selection of the most suitable technologies, tools, and frameworks to be used

Software Architecture

Developing a high-level design and architecture, including user interface mockups and system diagrams

PoC or PoT Development

Developing innovative and unspecified core software components while tackling technical challenges and incorporating specialized third-party integrations

Testing and Validation

Conducting tests to assess the results against established criteria, verifying if the defined objectives perform as expected

Demonstration and Evaluation

Gathering feedback from stakeholders and evaluating the PoC or PoT against the defined success criteria

Final Report

Outlining the objectives, results, issues encountered, and all adjustments made to address the issues

PoC, PoT Packages

Share your objectives and constraints with us, and we will identify the best-fit package tailored to your needs, encompassing the optimal scope of work for your PoC or PoT. The final cost depends on the scope and complexity

Technical Research

Research on 3rd party service APIs, libraries, tools, frameworks, etc., to be used, including the Solution Map for further Development

$3 500 - $5 000

Achievable R&D

Research on special 3rd party service APIs, specific libraries, etc., and Development that addresses non-typical functionality and complexities

$5 000 - $10 000

Challengeable R&D

Research and Development of software components, focusing on implementing solutions that address complexities and challenges

$10 000 - $50 000

PoC or PoT

Software Prototype


Full-scale Software

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Client Reviews

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They were able to overcome any problem that could arise. SEVEN's delivered platform met the client's needs and requirements. Their professional project management and communicative approach to keep the team updated were also key to the engagement's success. The team also praised their reliability and dedication throughout the partnership.

Analytics Company


SEVEN is a true part of our team. They’ve made an exceptional commitment to us. Quality, reliability, and scalability are the qualities they bring to our development. They're deeply committed to responsive communication and available in emergent situations. They’re a full-service agency that allows us to work with just one partner for this whole complex project.

Spare Parts Business

CTO & Co-Founder

One thing that I loved about working with SEVEN was how transparent they were. Their level of engagement and communication was excellent. The team also had a really impressive, in-depth discovery process. Their process actually provided a lot of support especially in areas that I hadn’t considered.

UX Design Agency

Co-Founder & Director

They’re extremely professional, and they pay great attention to me as a customer. SEVEN has created an app that stands out from the competition in terms of functionality and design. A proactive, attentive team, they consistently under-promise and over-deliver. Customers can expect a fast, impactful engagement.

Repair Service App


I got the impression that we're dealing with true professionals and that they understand our needs. The most impressive thing about this company is how they deliver a project with ease. They would do their best to help us reach our goals. And I felt they truly understand the project.

LED Group

Digital Design & Project Lead

SEVEN are great to work with and highly organized. Prior to even starting, SEVEN focused on understanding the needs of the project. The product met and exceeded our expectations. Also, very effective and honest communication. We are looking forward to building out the platform further with SEVEN.

Environmental Engineering Firm

Founder & CEO

The client liked their new site's aesthetic look, with 100% satisfaction from their internal team, thanks to SEVEN. They promised high-quality engineers/web developers, and they delivered, which resulted in a successful project outcome.

Computer Networkin Company


We were convinced by their previous projects. SEVEN delivered good quality software on time, which satisfied the client's requirements. They communicated smoothly and were always available for necessary meetings during the collaboration. Their availability throughout impressed the client.

Telecommunications Company


They’ve been instrumental in the business and have implemented all required features for the platform. They’ve delivered on time and have been flexible with the team composition and communication tools. Their work ethic and passion for the project stand out.

On-Demand Gym Membership Platform


Without SEVEN, this technology wouldn't exist, and we wouldn't have a product. Their work ethic is phenomenal, and the team is very passionate about their work and what they deliver. They want to provide the best service and build the best product possible.

On-Demand Gym Membership Platform


SEVEN delivered good quality software on time, which satisfied the client's requirements. Their availability throughout impressed us. Project was finished in good quality and in time, and the only thing they can do in the future is to keep the current quality of work.



Their flexibility and friendliness were impressive. SEVEN delivered a well-functioning e-commerce platform, including its staging environment. Everything worked as expected.

Social Impact Startup

Technical Lead

The calculator that SEVEN developed was successfully launched, which proven profitable and valuable. The team was an understanding partner who provided practical recommendations to mitigate emerging risks. Their knowledge, professionalism, and skills helped the client save money and time.

Human Resources Company

Managing Director

SEVEN has a lot of great ideas that hadn't even crossed our minds. They are communicative, professional, and responsive to feedback. Moreover, they've adapted their team composition to fit the client's budget. Their passion for their work results in valuable ideas that stand out.

Flight Support Company


SEVEN made a huge work to provide a turn-key solution for this project. Their flexibility and friendly​ atmosphere were impressive in the workflow. Their versatility stood out in the partnership.

Communications Platform


I could go to them at any point, and they were always responsive and available to help us.I think SEVEN offers a very good value for money. They delivered a quality solution, it was very well executed, and it worked as requested. Project management is a great strength for them.

Medical Care App


SEVEN produces on-target deliverables according to complex requirements. The product they developed is visually appealing and well-organized. SEVEN demonstrated that they have a large infrastructure. They have a lot of people on their team who are professional and know their jobs very well.

Health Supplement Provider

Former COO

Everything with them is fantastic and problem-free. After speaking with SEVEN, we knew they understood what we wanted and how to make it because they’d done it before. Overall, they’ve been outstandingly professional; the team anticipates needs and explains everything in an easy way to understand.

Mental Health Counseling Platform

Operations Manager

I think the quality of their work is excellent. Their communication and response times are exceptional. Internal stakeholders are satisfied with SEVEN’s excellent quality work. The team manages the project well. Also, they’re responsive and helpful partners — they’ve defined the client’s service and product.

E-Learning Company


SEVEN has delivered a phenomenal beta-stage product that’s received stellar feedback from industry leaders. The team is flexible yet realistic; they aren’t afraid to reign in their client to ensure a timely, high-quality execution. Their expectation management and documentation are both exceptional.

Smart Notes Technology


SEVEN has delivered the functionality we required, successfully building our app to meet HIPAA-compliance requirements. The team is proactive, communicative, timely, and accessible. They’ve delivered on time and been on top of things at all times.

Medical Research Platform


SEVEN has been understanding and responsive, providing any necessary information promptly. Having worked with them since 2019, we have found their project management to be agile, capable of swiftly adapting to changes while maintaining a firm hold on the product's development process. Their exceptional communication skills and quick response times are particularly impressive.

Curriculum ltd

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