COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for new video communication tools with services monetization

Seven / Blog / COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for new video communication tools with services monetization

It became the reason why the global community started adapting business and other activities to fit the quarantine restrictions. Accordingly, many industries had their daily activities moved to online mode. Long before the pandemic, we’ve been working on software for online services via Audio and Video calls and developed a number of ready-to-use solutions. Thanks to this fact, we’ve created several professional platforms for servicing clients online.

These include:

  • Business tool for large offices that work with landline phone networks due to confidentiality and protection of corporate information
  • Healthcare platform for online patient testing
  • С2С platform for communication and content creation & monetization

As a result, we once again systematized our experience and developed ready-to-use solutions so that the development of each subsequent software product could be faster and at a more attractive price. You can find more information about our solutions for telemedicine and other industries at SEVEN website.

Also, we created a core that includes a typical set of modules, usually found in these software products:

Also, our potential clients may find it important that we’ve partnered with several companies that provide services concerning media streaming servers. Moreover, we will help each customer choose the most suitable solution cost-wise.

What are the typical issues that we helped our Customers to solve?

  • Minimizing the cost of software development
  • Minimizing the spending on related 3rd-party services during product operation
  • Optimizing software development timeline to enter the market in COVID-19 conditions
  • Creating a launch strategy for the product and forming a roadmap with a list of product versions based on the functional priorities
  • Supporting presentation and pitches of the software to potential investors and more
  • Minimizing the expenditure on ongoing software support post-launch
  • Supporting peak workload at the time of product launch

As of today, we are ready to meet customers’ needs from such industries as Healthcare, Education, and Business within the framework of Real-time Voice and Video solutions and others in the form of both Web Applications and Mobile Applications.

Let us know, and we’ll be there to help!