ADRIAN BUBELA ‘Staying United Is The Only Way To Tackle The Crisis’

Today our team remains as strong as ever!
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The COVID-19 crisis has become a challenge for everyone. As the situation around the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold creating uncertainty around the globe, I would like to outline SEVEN’s response to this global threat. 

After realizing that the whole world is put on hold, thcompany also faced the question of what to do. On one hand, we had the quarantine measures to take and our clients with their projects in progress on the other 

It wasn’t a snap decision but striving to keep our dedication to clients’ needs steadfast overweighted. SEVEN’s board meeting and team members’ survey have shown the common will to take all necessary measures to continue providing our services even if we all switch to work-at-home modelIn this case, the work has to be done in a time-effective, robust and secure way. 

Fortunately, we were able to transform quickly: as a company working in a digital field with both on-site teams and remote employees, to some extent this model of work was adopted years ago. When the overwhelming majority of businesses were thinking about what to do, we were in the process of spreading out our remote cooperation model among the whole SEVEN team and were continuing the work on our clients’ projects. 

After having experienced this transformation firsthand, suggest that you not rush with radical decisions as wellTry looking at the bigger picture and do your best to stay viable instead of considering suspending your business processes. 

Even though there’s no cure against the COVID-19 and we are all obliged to keep the distance now, have full confidence that we can fight back the coronavirus-caused crisis by staying united and keeping working hard and restless. 

SEVEN Adrian Bubela

Today our team is as strong as ever! Together we are trying to stand against this unprecedented situation and we encourage you to put all efforts on staying afloat and pulling through. I want to reassure you that SEVEN is ready to serve your needs during this difficult period.

To minimize this shift for our clients we:

  • Launched a fully virtual operational model
  • Created conditions so that our team is up and working remotely with everyday online meetings
  • Provided all team members with secure and reliable online tools ensuring seamless communication

As our communication with clients shows, many who wouldn’t have thought about providing their services online are now considering this opportunity with the use of pay-per-minute/pay-per-session chats. Such ideas appear overnight today when the owners are pressured by the lockdown and not being able to run their offline businesses.  

One of these successful cases is a story about our client. The founder of the company providing craftsmen and carpenter services is now eagerly waiting for us to release the mobile app that will allow specialists to give online consultations and help its users troubleshoot remotely under their supervision.  

You wouldn’t have anticipated that just weeks back but your clients are ready to do many things themselves being although watched by experts. We’ve taken a closer look at the current situation in business in our recent article and here we would just like to cheer you up with our example and wish to stay strong remembering there’s a white stripe ahead! In these difficult times, the whole SEVEN’s team is ready to give a hand as we are strong when we are together.