Chat Billing App – Your New Way of Earning

More and more highly skilled and narrowly focused professionals are taking advantage of making money by chatting and providing online consultations
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Online consultancy services are on the stage of rapid development today. Previously considered as a freelance possibility for those who like working from home, now it is no longer so. This new solution is disrupting the consultancy field in many industries: more and more highly skilled and narrowly focused professionals are taking advantage of making money by chatting and providing online consultations. In this article, we will take a closer look at the online chat monetization solutions in general and our own SEVEN PPM Chat Core in particular.

How the earning by chatting online works?

Thousands of experts from different industries all over the world are discovering this new way of working and earning online. The idea of getting paid for sharing your expertise and knowledge online isn’t new but only recently it’s gone further than combination of a Skype or Zoom call with PayPal transaction.  

Modern solutions allow specialists to provide remote consultations and get paid instantly and securely. Their reliability and robustness are proven by the fact that SEVEN’s Pay-Per-Minute Chat Core has been also successfully used for the telemedicine app recently developed for our client. 

Today’s pay-per-minute/pay-per-session chat monetization solutions with any combination of video, audio, text allow to integrate flexible payment acceptance and billing solutions and create all-in-one easy-to-use software that provides your clients with seamless user experience. 

Beyond the obvious benefits of providing services online such as work comfort, avoiding live appointment hassle, Pay-Per-Minute Chat App helps significantly widen the audience and conquer new markets by expanding the service coverageJust imagine that your potential clients from different regions aren’t that remote anymore and can reach you out easily and quickly. 

It also saves a great deal of time for you and, what’s important, your clients as there’s no need to waste time on commuting and waiting. Your on-demand services are provided much easier and faster and your income grows. 

What are the advantages?

It is hard to overrate this type of software as for many professionals it has become a powerful earning tool for remote counseling with chat monetization functionality. Simplicity in use (when all work is done by us, and all technical and billing issues are taken care of) gives you a possibility to focus on the work and quality of services provided. 

Among the main advantages of chat billing apps over other ways of providing online counseling services are: 

  • Transparent billing and reporting 
  • Secure encrypted connection 
  • Flexible pricing for different services 
  • Automated payments for continuous billing 
  • Easy in use appointment scheduling
  • Seamless user experience with internal billing possibilities.

Great monetization tool for opinion leaders 

Opinion makers and trendsetters in different industries now have a perfect and easy-to-implement expert advice monetizing tool. SEVEN PPM Chat Core is developed to help transform the authority and reputation into real money and tangible income. 

Influencers, industry leaders with a strong personal brand now have a new source of income by dint of just digitalizing their services via using this online live chat billing softwareToday’s technologies allow to either add SEVEN PPM Chat solutions as widget to your existing web site or develop a special mobile app with online live chat billing functionality. 

Frankly speaking, payperminute chat services are one of the most innovative and fastest ways to monetize the recognition and success in the industry. While other channels are gaining momentum, you are already earning with chargeable audio/video/text chat app.  

Most useful for

Chat monetization software is beneficial mainly for coaches and consultants, advisors and experts, influencers, psychics, and entertainers or tech support specialists, and other individual entrepreneurs or businesses aiming to provide online services and earn by the minute for sharing their professional advice. 

Industries where chargeable video/audio/text chat applications are gaining popularity 


  • Personalized remote VIP services
  • Remote financial counseling
  • Remote banking services

Healthcare and Wellness 

  • Telepsychology services
  • Fitness advice applications
  • Diet and nutrition counseling


  • Training, tutoring software
  • Life coaching
  • Interactive learning tools
  • Virtual classroom functionality
  • Personal development

Individual Expert Services 

  • Real estate agents
  • Psychics and fortune tellers
  • Adult chats
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Language interpreters

Legal Support 

  • Tele-law expert services
  • 24/7 emergency legal support

Entertainment and Media 

  • Marriage and matchmaking services
  • Livestreaming events
  • Live broadcasting

Bottom line

In the nowadays online world succeed only those who digitalize and scale their market via digital channels.  

Whether you are a business consultant, life coach, spiritual advisor or renowned dietologist, you must remember that accessibility of services has become a crucial factor now. Literally every business goes digital and there’s a way for you to be at your client’s fingertips and provide them with a modern, robust and secure way to reach you out as well 

Just drop us a line and get one step closer to earning by chatting online! 

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