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PPM Online Psychic Reading and Fortune-telling Web App

Seven / Case Studies / PPM Online Psychic Reading and Fortune-telling Web App


Digital transformation is especially relevant for psychics, soothsayers, Tarot card readers today as successful industry players are increasingly relying on advanced technological presence to capture the younger millennial market.

Main Features

Our client, the company with a long history in the divination business from New Zealand, needed to transform and modernize their popular resource for providing online psychic reading services.

Having extensive expertise in creating pay-per-minute / pay-per-session audio / video chats, our team was asked to redesign and re-engineer the outdated existing web platform.

User Profile

Live Pay-Per-Minute Video Calls

Pay-Per-Minute Text Chats

Payment Gateway

Project Goals

For us, the main goal of the project was to provide users with a seamless user experience by:

Making the platform work fast

Simplifying the users’ workflow

Creating intuitive navigation

Optimizing the amount of text

Value Delivered

For our client, we have created a state-of-the-art web application that meets all business needs.

As a result of cooperation with SEVEN’s team, the client acquired

Improved UX

Newfangled web chatting application

Up-to-date UI

Web App

Technology Stack


Ruby on Rails

Web Socket


Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL



Amazon VPC






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