CRM, ERP, POS for Automotive Business

The application provides inventory, accounting and business management services for small and medium-sized automotive parts shops. It is an all-in-one solution that combines ERP, CRM, Point of Sale and Back Office Management tools.
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Main Features

It helps auto parts selling businesses to:

Predict out-of-stocks, and improve item counting accuracy and delivery speed

Track and control the supply chain and sell hundreds of thousands of auto parts

Organize and manage inventory and warehouses

Monitor online visitors who are interested in a specific item

Quickly find similar and related products from the integrated suppliers' catalog

Automate order tracking and reports

Value Delivered

We developed this ERP, CRM and POS project from scratch. We built the system architecture and developed the admin panel and dashboard for the company’s managers. The architecture was designed to be platform independent and to easily integrate with any portal or website.


Key Functionality

Manage your product range in the catalog section. New items can be added manually or imported from the suppliers' database. Perform a quick search of the needed item, and find its stock availability or similar or related products.

Manage the movement of goods from the warehouse to the end user. Control warehouse processes and product availability, and generate reports.

Organize and track the sales process. Automate the entire flow, from order placement to invoice generation.

Web Application

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