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Chargeable Video
& Audio P2P Chat

This project is the implementation of our peer-to-peer video, audio and text messenger with pay-per-minute or pay-per-session billing for the dating industry. The client came to SEVEN with an existing dating and marriage business. The main business problem was low retention rate and lifetime value.
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Main Features

We customized the UI of our messenger core, developed additional functionality and easily
integrated software into the existing system architecture, as it is platform-independent.

Architecture-independent; easy to integrate and customize

Peer-to-peer video, audio and text chat

Pay-per-minute and pay-per-session billing

Integration with online payment systems

Web Application

There are a lot of industries where your business has to charge clients for video or audio communication. The main problem of
such service is to keep customer inside your ecosystem.

Key Achievements

After 12 months, the customer shared with us some statistics about the implementation of chargeable video / audio / text chat into his business:

Return on Investment > 500%

Improved retention rate up to 400%

Customers' LTV increased up to 250%

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