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IPTV For Autism
TV Channel

Our client created a whole specifically focused streaming television service, and our team developed advanced IPTV solutions for live and non-live TV/stream.
Seven / Case Studies / IPTV For Autism TV Channel

About the Project

The aim of this social project is to provide families, caregivers, people on the spectrum and professionals of the community with the information, news, entertainment, as well as sport programs, and resources that help to support and improve the lives of people with autism spectrum disorders.

Main Features

To cover the need in spreading the information within the community, we created a smart TV and IPTV compatible apps for the streaming channel with the following functionality.

Built-in MPEG-DASH player

Amazon hardware navigation tool

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Value Delivered

Our team has developed from scratch smart TV and IPTV compatible apps that enable worldwide streaming of this social channel.

Custom Apps for Platforms

Samsung SmartTV

Amazon TV


Panasonic Smart TV

LG Smart TV

Technology Stack







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