Charity, Fundraise and Discount & Deals Mobile Platform

Firstly, developed as discount & deals app the platform now gives charities, nonprofits, and schools a way to fundraise with a unique product that provides value to end customers by giving them discounts on everyday items and stores they visit regularly. With our help, the average application with the discounts was transformed into a win-win platform for all parties.
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Key Functionality

The company of our client faced a problem with bad UI/UX and code smell of existing discount and deals app. Starting with redesign and code improvement, we ended up developing new service for all – fundraising for participants, charity for brands and deals and discounts for end users.

Payment gateway


Coupons and promo codes generation

In-app purchases

User dashboard

Yelp app integration

Value Delivered

Our team rewrote Android and IOS apps from scratch following the code standards, developed a Web admin panel and created a new design, using UI/UX best practices.

How it actually works?

The app contains catalogs of local charities and deals provided by famous brands as an act of charity.

Charities spread promo codes among the donors and encourage them to download an app and make a purchase.

Registered users purchase a coupon deck and choose the local charity they support.

A user gets an access to plenty of coupons and discounts within the purchased deck for a whole year.

Meanwhile the supported organization receives a half of the amount donated.

Web Application: Admin Panel

Technology Stack




Retrofit 2



Universal Image Loader







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