Coaching Marketplace and Professional Fintech Social Network

Our team gets especially excited when the client turns to us for extraordinary ideas that combine different software types and solutions. This project was an amalgamation of a professional social network and an appointment booking system.

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Main Features

The client came up with the desire to create a platform combining social media for coaches and a booking module that would help potential clients find the best matching coaches and hire them instantly.

The aim of this project was to create a one-stop-shop Fintech platform by providing users with a convenient search and booking tool, the possibility to run training sessions online, and make payments.

User profile

Audio, video, and text messenger


Calendar and scheduling tool

Payment system integrated

Promo code generation mechanism



Coaches are providing their services and finding potential clients via the social network. They are able to conduct face-to-face or online, individual, or group training.

  • User profile
  • Newsfeed
  • Coach groups
  • Messaging tool for sending text, audio, and video messages
  • Calendar and scheduling tool


Companies are enabled to find a coach in their geographic region (location match) and based on their search criteria:

  • Type of coaching speciality
  • Date requested for the service
  • Online or offline method
  • Individual or group training
  • Rating function

Individual user

Individual users are able to attend only one-to-one training.


Admin user has unlimited access and rights.

  • Accounts validation and notification mechanism
  • Right to suspend and activate user accounts
  • Set the platform feeing
  • Ability to create events, services lists
  • Order tracking screen
  • Review the pending orders (payments) for services

How it Works

Each training has the same duration of 1 hour.

Coaches indicate their availability by choosing the day and time, keeping in mind that each training lasts 1 hr.

User registers as a company on an individual and uses the booking tool to find the best match among the experts and schedule the training.

After the payment, the system automatically creates an event in the coach's calendar and reduces this coach's availability to avoid time overlays.

When the time comes, the online training takes place.

Value Delivered

Our team has developed the web application for 3 types of users and the admin panel from scratch.

Technology Stack









Amazon EC2

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