Charity iOS & Android App Based On Distance Tracking

Our client came up with a very interesting idea of creating a fitness community with a collective social mission: a network of movers striving to better their own health, while also making a positive social impact on the global community with every step.
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Main Features and Goals

The project aims to broaden the awareness about charity organizations and foster widespread interest in taking actions that will let users keep themselves in a good shape, improve the health status and take a part in a good cause.

Multi-functional iOS and Android healthcare apps, that synchronize with popular distance tracking apps

Rewarding users with coupons provided by sponsors and display brands’ charity donations when each goal is completed

Value Delivered

We have delivered a fully-functional product from the iOS MVP project. Also the Android version
and Web Admin Panel were built from scratch.

Key Functionality

Distance tracking apps synchronization and GPS data collecting

Charitable donation of the scored points

Rewarding users for different activities

In-app purchases

User dashboard

Gift cards, reward points and coupons generation

How it actually works?

Users register and connect their distance tracking apps to the app

Sponsors challenge users by offering fitness goals and rewards for their completion

After completing the pursuit, the brand donates to the charity specified amount and rewards users

Users can challenge each other and set specific goals while participating in the pursuits

Earned reward points can be redeemed for gift cards, coupons, discounts

Web Application: Admin Panel

Technology Stack

Mobile: IOS & Android


Swift 3


Twitter SDK

In App purchases

Instagram SDK

Facebook SDK









Elastic beanstalk



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