SEVEN Ranks #2 in Top 20 Web Development Firms Report

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SEVEN is excited to announce its achievement of being ranked as the #2 web development firm in the Top 20 Web Development Firms Report conducted by AgencySpotter, a reputable platform that connects clients and service providers in marketing, software development, design, and more since 2013.

This report includes the most innovative and brightest companies within the software development niche, and web development in particular. This recognition highlights SEVEN’s commitment to our clients and partners and their success.

SEVEN, a custom software development company, is determined to solve business challenges for our clients through technology and innovation. Since 2007, we’ve been dedicated to mastering new and existing technologies to build better software products.

As a provider of web development services, we have accumulated time-tested expertise in developing:

  • WebRTC-based Video Chat Software
  • Single Page Apps (SPAs)
  • Dynamic Web Apps
  • Multiple Page Apps
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • E-commerce Apps

To learn more about SEVEN’s services and expertise, please visit our homepage. We are a full-cycle software development company that covers design, development, maintenance, and much more for a variety of niches and industries, including healthcare, education, business, social networking, and video conferencing.

Contact us for more information on our expertise and success stories in detail.