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Progressive Web App Development

In today’s app-for-everything’ era, PWAs are gaining more and more popularity and are often considered
as “high return on low investment”. Such software provides high engagement and advanced UX in a
cost-efficient way by performing superiorly and native-likely.

Key Benefits of Progressive Web Applications

Today PWA technology is developing swiftly and bringing its users more benefits and new features every day. State-of-the-art applications combine the best practices to make Web apps perform similarly to desktop or mobile apps.

Suitable for business

Sufficient solution for businesses looking for native app functionalities with added benefits and less budget.

Greatly responsive

These apps fit whatever the device is. They work even offline and on low-quality networks.


The use of HTTPS prevents any threat and vulnerability.


Always up-to-date thanks to the Service Workers functionality.


Easily shareable via URL and do not require complex installation.


SEO techniques are applicable to PWAs just like they are on websites.

Advantages of PWA

Mobile Apps

  • Significant cost-effectiveness
  • Multi-platform software
  • Decreased app size
  • Simple and easy in use and installation
  • Lower data usage

Web Apps

  • An advanced form of usual responsive Web design
  • “Push notifications” and “Add to Home Screen” functionality
  • Mobile-first design that increases mobile user engagement
  • Rich UX

Time-tested Processes

With an advanced development and project management processes, we’ve simplified the routine for our customers and achieved stable project delivery.

Business Analysis

We participate fully throughout the project life cycle. During the business analysis stage, we help you to take an honest look at your business model. After that, we develop your solution with a much higher value for the end user.

Quality Control

Before starting the actual working process, we pay a lot of attention to your expectations of the final product, thoroughly analyze them, and make a list of clear requirements. That helps our clients and partners to be focused on their main business goals while we deliver the high-quality product in time.

Cost Control

We provide complete transparency in tracking individual performance of employees and you get a full control over your budget.

Our Approach

Project Life Cycle Diagram

What You Get

Reduced management risks

Engineers work under control of the experienced project manager. For 10+ years we have created effective management processes and still improve them

Our industry expertise

You should not overpay for obtaining experience in the specific industry. We already have expertise in many industries and ready to share it with you.

Low-risk development

We have established and time-tested development processes. Step-by-step your idea will become a high-quality software product

First-rate product quality

We involve business analyst, project managers, designers, developers, testers and DevOps specialists to create your custom software

100% met deadlines

We divide the development plan into sprints. Every 2 weeks we show you the sprint report. We're always open to discussion and on-demand meetings

Dedicated project manager

For each project we assign the experienced manager who is responsible for turning your idea into the final product

Our Projects Speak Louder Than Words


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Products Launched


Client Countries

What Clients Say About Us

SEVEN is our go-to web partner for all our high-growth clients. We have found Adrian to be a merciless project manager and an excellent communicator. As a result, we have never had a project slip a single day, or exceed our budget by a dollar. We expect this partnership to continue for many years to come, and have no hesitation in recommending SEVEN for web development.

Hugh Macfarlane
Founder & CEO, MathMarketing

Although language differences affected the project’s timeline, SEVEN produced on-target deliverables according to complex requirements, all at a competitive price. I have visited their office on numerous occasions and have seen that they have a very professional and sophisticated operation.

Anthony Clark
Former COO, Activation Products

SEVEN has been giving me all the support I was looking for in web development of a cloud solution. We have been collaborating since 2013, and I immediately realized I was supported by a focused team of professionals for project development in several aspects. They run a task management system which allows me to interact directly with all team members and to gather immediate feedback on my requests as if they were partners in the door down the hall. I plan to maintain a long business relationship with Adrian and his team.

Alessandro Bazolini
CEO, Bazolini

SEVEN delivered a quality solution at an affordable rate. They managed the project responsibly and could explain technical issues to a non-technical point person. We are now on the precipice of launch and I have worked hand-in-hand with SEVEN throughout the process. Based on our experience, I believe they are the finest company that Ukraine has to offer for all your development and IT needs.

Chris Whittle
CEO, MyMed

While choosing a company to complete our web-project in the best possible way, we thoroughly investigated their experience, successfully completed projects, approach to work, qualification of project managers, price policy, and many other details. I can say with confidence that they exceeded my expectations in every area. They lived up to their resume and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.

Yurii Tsygankov
CEO, BusinessHelper

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