Mobile App Development

Does your business need the development of a native or cross-platform mobile app? Do you need to update or quickly convert mobile application from one platform to another? Or your business requires the integration of a corporate or third-party tool, BI, ERP, CRM, payment system with the mobile application?

You have come to the right place. We have the expertise in:

Our Approach

Time-tested Processes

With an advanced development and project management processes, we’ve simplified the routine for our customers and achieved stable project delivery.

Business Analysis

We participate fully throughout the project life cycle. During the business analysis stage, we help you to take an honest look at your business model. After that we develop your solution with a much higher value for the end user.

Quality Control

Prior to start the actual work, we pay a lot of attention to your expectations of the final product. We make a list of clear requirements of the final product, which help us to validate and verify it.

Cost Control

We provide complete transparency in tracking individual performance of employees and you get full control over your budget.

PM Methodologies we use

Project Life Cycle Diagram

What you get

Reduced management risks

Engineers work under control of the experienced project manager. For 10+ years we created effective management processes and still improve them

Our industry expertise

You should not overpay for obtaining experience in the specific industry. We already have expertise in a lot of industries and ready to share it with you.

Low-risk development

We have established and time-tested development processes. Step by step your idea will become a high-quality software product

First-rate product quality

We involve business analyst, project managers, designers, developers, testers and DevOps specialists to create your custom software

100% met deadlines

We divide the development plan into sprints. Every 2 weeks we show you the sprint report. We're always open to discussion and unplanned meetings

Dedicated project manager

For each project we assign the experienced manager who is responsible for turning your idea into the final product

Our Projects Speak Louder Than Words


Anti-Aging Therapy Apps Based on DNA Data

A leading Life Science, Bioinformatics and Genetics Data Analytics company from Switzerland needed to display all the data representation of their clinical research on their users’ devices. The solution had to increase customer loyalty, speed up the process of operating information, and improve the company’s image on the Bioinformatics / Life Science / Clinical research market.
After we released the Web and Mobile applications, we were asked to develop 2 websites for their company.

iOS and Android Apps

iOS and Android Apps for DNA Survey


Mature Dating Mobile Application

Our client came to SEVEN with the idea of creating the free online mobile dating application for an audience over 30 years old. He wanted to make not only text chatting, but focus on video chat mostly.


Inventory Management Software for Construction Companies

Mobile and Web app for construction companies that increases effectiveness by 36% and cost savings up to 15%. It is the corporate internal BI tool, asset and inventory management software that automates the supply chain between the contractor and supplier

Hybrid App for iOS and Android


Side Jobs Marketplace for College Students

The result is a mobile and web marketplace for the exchange of side jobs. The application allows members of a college community to earn money on their own schedules or to hire someone for help completing a task.

Hybrid App for iOS and Android

iOS App for Healthcare

HIPAA Compliant App for Accessing Vital Info from Health Information Exchange

The client needed to develop the Web and Mobile application that provides first
responders and EMS personnel with access to critical patient information that
resides within the Health Information Exchange.

iOS App for Healthcare

P2P HIPAA Compliant Online Doctor Consultation App

Our client needed an application that will provide end users with possibility to book online medical appointments and perform online video consultations with doctors. This tool has to simplify patients’ life by eliminating the necessity to visit a hospital. Doctors can benefit by providing the private practice in addition to simplifying the work process.




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