Cutting-Edge Customized Voice & Video Solutions: Interview with Adrian Bubela

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Currently, the market offers many solutions for voice and video communication, and they cover a wide variety of needs. However, the last decade, and especially the COVID-19 pandemic, has shown that there’s a distinct lack of custom voice and video communication solutions.

Namely, the tools that would offer a set of highly specific functionality for the needs of each business instead of providing a general experience like many existing platforms. Also, the tools that, when used by the business, would help monetize the services of the company and its employees while avoiding client leakage.

These solutions offer a customized set of tools tailored to the needs of a particular business or organization in a wide variety of industries and tools, including Telemedicine solutions for Healthcare, Online Learning solutions for Education, client consultation and expert time monetization for Business, and more.

SEVEN has been building custom voice and video communication solutions for our clients and partners for over a decade now, gaining significant expertise in this market.

That’s why our partners at Amplifyre invited Adrian Bubela, a founder and CEO of SEVEN, to an interview about our expertise in custom voice and video communication tools.

Here’s a short recap of what’s inside the interview:

  • What are the potential applications of custom voice and video solutions?
  • Why is there a need for a custom voice and video communication tool with software like Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, Google Meets, etc., readily available on the market?
  • How can these tools help businesses with monetizing the time of their employees by providing advisory and consulting services to clients?
  • What challenges do custom voice and video communications solve?
  • How can custom voice and video communication tools protect businesses from client leakage?
  • How can these tools ensure and automate centralized corporate control over the quality of provided services, protection of company data, and processing of customer feedback?
  • How much can you customize these solutions for specific business needs?
  • What are the challenges and successful cases of utilizing voice & video communication tools in Healthcare, Education, and Business?
  • How did COVID-19 impact the industry and demand for voice and video communication solutions?
  • What are the emerging trends within the niche of voice and video tools?

Get answers to all of these questions and much more in the video!