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Healthcare Software Solutions

Why Healthcare?

Implementing IT achievements becomes vital for the Healthcare industry nowadays. Innovative initiatives such as telehealth, cloud-based clinical analytic tools, personal health devices, and IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) are receiving increasing investment all over the world. Cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Big Data have become a part of the industry, too.

Healthcare IT market is growing rapidly and predicted to become significantly bigger:

By 2020, the number of connected devices is predicted to grow to 200 billion, according to Intel. 30% of them will be used in health monitoring, recordkeeping and pharmaceutical safeguards.

About 74% of patients are comfortable with communicating with their doctors using technology instead of seeing them in person, in accordance with Cisco Study

By 2025, the healthcare industry can save up to $100 billion per year if they incorporate the Blockchain technology, BIS Research

Digitalization of healthcare grows constantly, so patients expect to have top-notch solutions offeredAccenture PLC statesAs an innovative solutions developer and the company that for nearly a decade has been helping healthcare institutions become digital, we have a response to this demand. 

We Work With

Telehealth and Telemedicine Solutions for Patient Support 

Real-time remote patient monitoring

  • High-risk patients telemonitoring applications
  • Home health assessment, smart sensors, and personal medical device integration tools
  • Medications and chronic illness management software
  • Virtual assistants

Real-time peer-to-peer interaction tools

  • Online audio-video counseling software
  • Paid patient-doctor video conferencing apps

Store-and-forward (SAF) solutions

  • Asynchronous counseling apps
  • Telepharmacy services software

Other telehealth solutions

  • Health information exchange (HIE) tools
  • Personal health record (PHR) software

Digital Solutions for Healthcare Institutions 

Electronic medical record (EMR/EHR) software

Treatment planning systems

Data management solutions for hospitals and clinics

Provider training and medical education tools

Administrative work automation systems and meetings software

Inventory management apps (esp. pharmaceutical)

Innovative Technologies We Use

Artificial Intelligence

Natural language processing (NLP)

EHR data analysis tools

Clinical decision support systems (CDSS)

Data mining

Machine Learning 

Smart algorithms

Computer vision

Medical recommender systems

Big Data

Data analytics software

Data visualization tools

Data warehousing solutions (collection to archiving)

Healthcare business intelligence software


Smart contracts

Permissioned private ledger

Distributed ledger

Peer-to-peer data exchange

Regulatory Compliances Handling

Healthcare information exchange:

Data privacy and security regulations:

Content accessibility:

Drawing on our experience in the industry, we offer relevant innovative solutions 

Peer-to-peer video/audio chatting apps for GP and private practice (1099 form compliant, GDPR, HIPAA, UK NHS compliant)

Voice recognition and educational IoT tools for TBI patient’s rehabilitation

eCommerce healthcare solutions (pharmacies, equipment producers) with geolocation functionality

Hospitals’ and clinics’ intranet portals. Hospital navigation and wayfinding apps

Narrowly focused social networks for different types of patients (diabetes, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, autism, allergies, etc.)

Smartphone as a monitoring and data gathering device

Patient portals for interaction and communication with healthcare providers, treatment plans displaying, procedure schedules updating.

Telepharmacy web and mobile applications

Vitals monitoring wearables, personal healthcare devices, medical-grade data gathering software, distance tracking apps

Inventory management applications

R&R mobile apps (physical therapy exercise, home rehabilitation, orthopedic range-of-motion, speech therapy, stroke recovery, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment software)

Pay-per-minute and pay-per-session remote counseling apps

Our Services

Customization of Our Solutions 

We are ready to apply our existing expertise along with our solutions to significantly reduce the development time, cost and overall efforts of creating a top-notch solution for you.

Custom Software Development 

Relying on our in-depth industry expertise along with exceptionally vetted IT specialists’ experience, we provide a broad range of services and execute tasks of any complexity to develop custom solutions for our partners. 

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