The Challenge

This very narrowly focused and niche company needed a data visualization dashboard that would allow their customers to view data from many devices in a centralized and user-friendly web application. It was also important that the web app was responsive and easy to use on a mobile device. The application also had to be able to send commands to devices deployed with the customers.

The client requested an intuitive solution providing a positive user experience. Our team was asked to develop the software with a high-level of reuse and provide a good foundation for additional functionality and features.

Main Functionality

Our client’s invention is meant to significantly improve gas quality and recoverability by increasing revenue from power generation and decreasing environmental impact. After creating this patent-pending innovative hardware, our client requested software development for calibrating and tuning it to ensure more efficient work.

The core functionality allows:

Collecting the data from devices

Transmitting data to the server

Displaying the figures as graphics

See maps with devices

Value Delivered

Our team has designed and developed the front- and backend of a data visualization dashboard that uses IoT to centralize data from many devices, an admin panel, and a user interface that is connected with devices “in the field”.

Technology Stack







Client’s Feedback

I interviewed over a dozen different agencies prior to selecting Seven. Not only was the team at SEVEN very qualified for the job, but they also seemed great to work with and highly organized. Prior to even starting, SEVEN focused on understanding the needs of the project so that a system engineering approach could be implemented. This was a deal-maker for me.

The result met and exceeded our expectations. Multiple customers and sales / prospects have complimented the look, feel, and function of the software. We are looking forward to building out the platform further with SEVEN.

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