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Pet Info Manager
And Activity Tracker

Taking a good care of your pet is very noble and creditable approach. That’s why we got very excited when received the request for Pet Info Manager and Reminder App development. As a result, we created the project architecture and developed Web and mobile application from scratch
Seven / Expertise / Pet Info Manager and Activity Tracker

Key Functionality

We strived to make tracking pets’ info easy, simple, intuitive and app to be functional and comfortable in use.

Our team created:

All types of reminders (feeding, activity, medication notifications)

Pet’s calendar and Organizer (birthdays, vet visits, grooming appointments, vaccinations, playdates)

Dashboard & Pet’s profile

Activity tracker (distance tracking apps synchronization)

Breed tips & Information (pet care recommendations, facts about breed’s health and traits)

Value Delivered

Our team has developed the Application architecture, Web admin panel, and iOS and Android Apps from scratch

Web Application: Admin Panel

Technology Stack







Swift 3

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