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We are SEVEN, established in 2007 and chosen by 100+ clients.

We have a proven expertise in the IT outsourcing and outstaffing services.

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Web Development

We specialize in developing web-based data-driven applications that automate business processes, manage information, and provide interactive functionality to your clients in a secure, online environment.

Also we have successfully completed over 170 web projects:

Web applications

Business Intelligence



Social networks


Video chat software


Web interfaces

Mobile Development

Does your business need the development of a native or
cross-platform mobile app? Do you need to update or quickly convert mobile application from one platform to another?
Or your business requires the integration of a corporate or third-party tool, BI, ERP, CRM, payment system with the mobile application?

You came to the right place. We have the expertise in:




UI & UX: Awesome Interface

There are more than 100,000,000 apps developed in the world, but most users rely on just 0.01% of them. Don’t allow your business to get lost in the huge list of primitive and terribly designed applications.
Our UI & UX is about nurturing loyal customers and their deep involvement. Your end users will enjoy easy-to-understand applications and will return to them again and again due to intuitive and eye-catching design

Well-thought-out Development

For companies who need to fire up business operations with a custom software solution.
Our Development service can lift you above competitors with any kind of application—from integrating an existing payment system to complex projects like BI tools, Magento stores, Augmented Reality projects or anything you can imagine.

Responsible Post-Development

Our Software Testing, DevOps, and Support services provide your company with a top-quality project, save your brand’s reputation and
decrease time-to-market expenses. Our service is for companies that are looking to develop a great reputation among customers, evidenced
by their positive experience and feedback.

Software Testing

Deliver much better and more stable products with our software testing service


Shorten your time-to-market, increase the delivery processes speed, and cut the maintenance costs


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