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We are SEVEN, established in 2007 and chosen by 100+ clients.

We have a proven expertise in the IT outsourcing and outstaffing services.

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Remote Developers

Can’t hire developers in the local market on time? Want to focus on your business, not on recruiting and
administrating an engineering team? Are developers’ salaries too high in your country?

Scale your team with Remote Software Engineers. For the last 11 years, our clients have succeeded in
Custom Development by leveraging SEVEN’s process of recruitment, management and collaboration.
You need it if
You need to extend your development team
and save up to 60% on software engineering costs
Your development goals are changing and long-lasting
recruiting process is not cost-effective
You need to scale your development team
for a peak load
Your company needs to hire rare or highly effective
IT talent

What you get

Huge talent pool

We have access to the huge IT hub in Eastern Europe with 70,000+ talents. Our recruiting team will choose, interview and provide you with the most appropriate candidates for your needs.

Simple administration

We take care of recruiting, HR, workspace, licenses, data security, taxes, legal issues, accounting, paid vacations, expenses for sick leave, training, events, motivation, etc.

Employees management

We keep your remote developers loyal and motivated, and provide code review and advanced mentoring by Tech Leads.

Consulting service

Not only do we provide outstaffing services (and outsourcing as well), we have a large in-house team. We can help you with any part of your project building process.

Direct access and control

Your remote engineers will be completely dedicated to your project. They will share your product idea, development approach and collaboration tools as though they worked next door.

Up to 60% cost savings

You will save up to 60% of your budget in comparison to your local market IT specialist.

The final cost for our developers includes all the expenses and
administration headaches listed below:


HR process and related expenses


Software licenses

Collaboration tools

Paid vacations

Expenses for sick leave


Events, team buildings

Motivation programs

Data security



Legal Support

Developers' performance control

What You See is What You Get

No hidden payments or unexpected bills

How We Select Developers?

Before we schedule an online interview with a candidate, we filter out the inappropriate candidates. Candidates must first
pass an interview with a tech team lead for hard skills and with HR for soft skills.

English Proficiency Test

Technical Expertise Test

Previous Experience Demonstration

Live Interview with SEVEN Tech Expert

Collaboration & Reporting

Detailed time tracking of developer’s activity

Reporting software of developer’s performance

Project management software


Review the list of main technologies we use to resolve your business needs


Requirements discussion

Let’s talk about required skill set of a candidate, work that has to be done as well as your plans and goals

We select the best match

We choose required candidates in our IT talent hub, thoroughly interview them and shortlist the developers who meet your requirements

You interview our developers

Choose the best time and date for you to interview shortlisted engineers, decide whom to hire, and start working together

You get your remote developers

We sign the contract with custom terms and conditions of cooperation with developer according to which he becomes your team-member



Get developers’ CVs and rates

Drop us a line and we’ll connect you with engineers that
meet your needs