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We are SEVEN, established in 2007 and chosen by 100+ clients.

We have a proven expertise in the IT outsourcing and outstaffing services.

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Hire Dedicated Development Team

Your dedicated team of remote engineers for software development.

What we provide?

Let us build a dedicated remote development team of Scrum masters, software engineers, and QA specialists for your specific case.
Extend your IT department with a team of remote professionals. Your extended team saves your budget without losing quality.

Managed Team

We take care of all management processes
and activities

Unmanaged Team

Remote developers become the part of your company and your management approach

You need it if
A new product has to be developed but you can’t add it
to the workload of your primary development team
You don't have a big enough budget to hire and build
a cost-effective IT development team in your location
You are limited in time and can't afford long-lasting recruiting process to build the development dream-team
You have to deliver more but the IT budget
is not increasing

What you get

No hiring fees

We are not a recruiting agency. We build the dedicated team for your specific project and don't charge you for our hiring process

No retention expenses

You shouldn't pay for the workspace, seat leave, motivation program, etc. We take care of all this

Up to 65% cost reduction

Outsourced IT specialist can be up to 65% cheaper in comparison to local market employee

Unlimited access to resources

You are free to quickly extend your remote team. We provide you with the access to the pool of qualified IT talents - engineers, designers, QA and support

Full management control

We divide the development plan into sprints. Every 2 weeks we show you the sprint report. We're always open to discussion and unplanned meetings

Fast and easy start process

For each project we assign the experienced manager who is responsible for turning your idea into the final product

Case Study


  • 10+ person remote development center with SEVEN fully covering recruitment, office, and legal
  • Dedicated IT specialists were hired in 5 weeks and the team was built quickly
  • Remote team of software engineers shares client's company spirit and management approach
  • Remote team cooperation model satisfied customer more than software development outsourcing because of much higher security level
  • Client calculated 61% budget saving in comparison to hiring local IT development team

SEVEN has been giving me all the support I was looking for in web development of a cloud solution. We have been collaborating since 2013, and I immediately realized I was supported by a focused team of professionals for project development in several aspects.
They run a task management system which allows me to interact directly with all team members and to gather immediate feedback on my requests as if they were partners in the door down the hall.
I plan to maintain a long business relationship with Adrian and his team.

Alessandro Bazolini
CEO, Bazolini

PM Methodologies we use

The Things We Passionately Do

Web Development

We start the whole development process for you: business analysis, project management, back-end and front-end development, QA/QC

Mobile Development

Our Mobile team will choose the best possible technologies to develop the application for achieving your business goals

E-commerce Development

We provide ultimate and fully managed online stores development. From custom Magento modules to complex shopping platforms


Your end users will enjoy easy-to-understand applications and will return to them again and again due to intuitive and eye-catching design

Software Testing

Deliver much better and more stable product with our software testing service


Shorten your time-to-market, increase the delivery processes speed and cut the maintenance costs




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