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We are SEVEN, established in 2007 and chosen by 100+ clients.

We have a proven expertise in the IT outsourcing and outstaffing services.

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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development is the perfect cooperation model for customers with a defined budget and detailed project vision. You describe the idea and we deliver it as a fully working application and provide further support.

What are the main points?

No matter who you are, a startup or an established company, we will assist you on every stage of the application development lifecycle starting from project architecture and business analysis to the project development, testing, delivery, and support.

Pass management activities on to us
Define your budget before the project's start
Get a product that meets your business goals
You need it if
You have a business idea or concept and need somebody who can transform it into a product
You don't want to hire your own management and development team for this specific project
You need to minimize the risks associated with budget and time

What you get

Reduced management risks

Engineers work under control of the experienced project manager. For 10+ years we created effective management processes and still improve them

Our industry expertise

You should not overpay for obtaining experience in the specific industry. We already have expertise in a lot of industries and ready to share it with you.

Low-risk development

We have established and time-tested development processes. Step by step your idea will become a high-quality software product

First-rate product quality

We involve business analyst, project managers, designers, developers, testers and DevOps specialists to create your custom software

100% met deadlines

We divide the development plan into sprints. Every 2 weeks we show you the sprint report. We're always open to discussion and unplanned meetings

Dedicated project manager

For each project we assign the experienced manager who is responsible for turning your idea into the final product

Case study:

Activation Products

  • SEVEN built a special team of 2 managers and 11 engineers, took the full management of the project—from project architecture to software development and its maintenance
  • The client reduced risks associated with management and staffing processes, got the software in time according to their estimated budget
  • After the implementation, the client notified us that business intelligence tool increased effectiveness by 27% and cost savings on processes management and analytics up to 18%

Although language differences affected the project’s timeline, SEVEN produced on-target deliverables according to complex requirements, all at a competitive price. I have visited their office on numerous occasions and have seen that they have a very professional and sophisticated operation.

Anthony Clark
Former COO, Activation Products

PM Methodologies we use

The Things We Passionately Do

Web Development

We start the whole development process for you: business analysis, project management, back-end and front-end development, QA/QC

Mobile Development

Our Mobile team will choose the best possible technologies to develop the application for achieving your business goals

E-commerce Development

We provide ultimate and fully managed online stores development. From custom Magento modules to complex shopping platforms


Your end users will enjoy easy-to-understand applications and will return to them again and again due to intuitive and eye-catching design

Software Testing

Deliver much better and more stable product with our software testing service


Shorten your time-to-market, increase the delivery processes speed and cut the maintenance costs




Is Custom Software Development exactly what you are looking for?

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