Adrian Bubela

Founder, CEO

Our goal has always been and will be an effectively organized long-term cooperation with our customers. This is the key to the prosperity of the company.


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SEVEN is a rapidly developing IT outsourcing company with its headquarters and operation center in Lviv, Ukraine, that employs around 100 professionals.
SEVEN has entered global market in 2007. Excellent service in terms of high quality, effectiveness, time and cost efficiency has quickly allowed us to stand out among the competitors.

And for those who are interested in learning more about SEVEN, we offer you to take look at the interview with the company’s founder – Adrian Bubela.

– What helped SEVEN to be born and how has it won the trust of clients?
Our headquarters and operating center are based in Lviv, a city with a huge IT outsourcing potential according to the Global Outsourcing Media Portal. We took the opportunity to engage the most qualified and talented professionals at the right time and place and these are the crucial factors that actually helped us to win our clients. Since the time of establishment our company has successfully completed over 100 outsourcing projects in a variety of industries for over 100 customers from 15 countries around the world.
- What is your company’s goal?
Our goal has always been and will always be an effectively organized long-term cooperation with our customers. This is the key to the prosperity of the company. In SEVEN we do everything in order to meet the needs of our clients, to achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. We are proud of building strong, trusted and lasting customer relationships, that go beyond one-time projects. The effective cooperation is above all for us.
- To which group of companies SEVEN belongs? Is it a small, medium or one of the great whales in the IT-sphere?
If you take into account the fact that we have more than enough ambitions, and the model of our work is exactly the same as the one of the larger companies, the only thing that distinguishes us from “whales” at the moment – is the productive capacity – which means that today SEVEN is a “teen whale”. In 5-7 years SEVEN will inevitably reach the same size and level as the top companies in the IT-sphere.
- What’s your position among the competitors?
We don’t rest on our laurels. We keep on developing and introducing the most advanced technologies an efficient work-flow in cooperation with our customers and for sake of the development of the product itself. We understand that only by constant improvement of the quality and level of the product we are accelerating our professional growth and strengthening our position among competitors.
- What would you like to wish to your clients?
On behalf of our company, I wish all our current and future customers great ideas, reliable partners and, of course, successful projects. And may everything else always accompany the above said.
- What would you like to say to your colleagues, employees and SEVEN in general?
First of all, I wish good luck, prospects, professional and career development, creativity, well-being and complete life to every employee and all business colleagues. We have accomplished all our goals and achievements with your loyal assistance.

I would wish to SEVEN constant growth and ability to set our goals higher and higher. Happy 7th anniversary, SEVEN!
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Making history today

During 2014 the company has seen many positive changes in terms of organization as well as cooperation with customers. The company has had a lot of new clients and two major startups, which we will soon be able to tell everyone about, you just need to wait for their public release which has been planned for this year. Also, this year we have opened a new office and attracted a lot of new talented staff. The most valuable news on our achievements we will keep as a secret for now, until this year comes to an end.

+ 125%
Progress over the last year


Gaining weight

For SEVEN 2012, 2013 is the year when we systematically are developing internal projects of the company. Outsourcing department together with dedicated teams working on long-term projects, start-ups (including FONU2 Inc, USA; ApartmentEdge, USA). The Mobile development department starts working, which immediately developed and launched its own technology of mobilizing websites into the market. We received a second gold medal for the cooperation from the International Salon of Art Photogallery.

+ 123%
Progress over the last year


New beginnings

It was the year of strategic changes and new directions. IT department outsourcing started functioning. SEVEN started its cooperation with customers from 5 countries: USA, Canada, Australia, France and Russia. Very quickly we gained the status of a qualified company to develop WEB applications on the outsource. We developed the UI, UX direction. We also developed and implemented several sectoral solutions for e-shops. Active implementation of our SAAS products has begun. Already received the title “Industry Leader” in the category of “software development” according to the results of the international economic rating of “League of the Best”.

+ 130%
Progress over the last year


Holding the grip

It was a fruitful year. We held several releases of the Web LiveHelp operator and the system of live e-mail marketing – LiveMail. We also launched the LiveManager development platform – multi-functional business management system. The number of clients increased. “League of the Best” awarded us with the Certificate “Company of the Year” – the company of Ukraine, which received an advantage over its competitors in the form of activities at the regional and national levels.

+ 125%
Progress over the last year


Going up fast

2009 entered the history of SEVEN, as the year when along with the growing number of customers, development of two startups began: LiveHelp and LiveMail, – products, initially planned as branch solutions for tour operators and travel agencies. Also undoubtedly important for SEVEN was the fact that this year the company was awarded by the International Salon of Art Photogallery with the first gold medal for our cooperation and international economic rating of “League of the Best” made SEVEN one of the TOP 50 best IT companies in Ukraine.

+ 129%
Progress over the last year


Moving forward

This year SEVEN confidently developed work with seven large companies operating in the equipment industry: manufacturers, importers, dealers. At the same time SEVEN opens a new department to work with the tourism industry. We engaged 6 travel companies in cooperation, 4 of which are tour operators. Many of these companies are still collaborating with SEVEN.

+ 317%
Progress over the last year


Head Start

SEVEN started its work with WEB design and WEB marketing. Immediately the company won trust and successfully began cooperation with many companies, including three of the dealer network Toyota, Mazda Deller and Suzuki. Laid the start of long-term cooperation with TD “Attack” – importer TM “Attack” and TM “Arsenal” and such companies as FORCE, Planet Hardware, SOLISIT – big dealers of Car Equipment in Ukraine NUSSBAUM, ATT, HUNTER and other brands.