We care about your success

Experience above all

To provide the professional implementation of your projects we ensure availability of the full range of experienced specialists and constant improvement of their qualification.

Benefit from the flexible management

SEVEN provides the system approach in management processes and adapts them to your individual needs. We choose the most suitable methods for leading the projects.

Great stack of tools

During the process of development we use a wide range of time and project tracking tools to ensure previous planning and complete the defined amounts of work on time.

We provide you control over expenses

With access to the tools of time and project tracking, you get full transparency in the monitoring process of the implementation of your project, as well as the ability to control the amount of resources spent on it.

We are always open to communication

Our extensive experience in dealing with clients gave us clear understanding how important is constant communication. We are always ready to talk with you, quickly respond to inquiries, take into account your opinion, ready to dispel doubts and listen to advice. We are confident that there will be no language barriers between us.

A modern and secure infrastructure

SEVEN provides you with all the necessary infrastructure ready for your project implementation, ensures complete data security and protection of intellectual property rights. Integrating the latest technology, we offer comprehensive business solutions for our customers.

We assist you during all the time of our collaboration

We analyze your needs and objectives – define all possible options – assist in choosing the best solution – successfully complete your project

Dedicated Teams

  • You are looking for a quick start of your project
  • You have a definite project request, business need or idea
  • You need our assistance from 1 month to 1 year
  • You need professionals of narrow specialization for a short period
  • You want to know the price of the project before the work begins

Remote Development Center

  • You are interested in a solid long-term co-operation
  • You need a team that would be perfectly adapted to your company
  • You want to approve the size of the DC, member’s salary, social package and other expenses
  • You need a team that would always be at hand
  • You want complete dedication of your team members

Andriy KholyavkoBusiness Analyst

Anyone can complete the project by throwing more time and money at it, but the real challenge is to achieve a high-quality product, utilizing your resources with maximum efficiency.


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