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We are SEVEN, established in 2007 and chosen by 100+ clients.

We have a proven expertise in the IT outsourcing and outstaffing services.

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About Us

Learn who we are and how exactly we differ from others
Why we do what we do?

Every day, we change the world for the better! We do it... because this occurs every time we turn your business ideas into final products.

How we work?

By combining our efforts together, we follow in the steps of new technology with a view to finding more effective solution to address the challenges that lie ahead of us.

What we do?

We satisfy your business needs by sharing our technology expertise and experience, delivering qualitative services exceeding all expectations.

Full-cycle Partner

Software Development Life Cycle Diagram

Time-tested Processes

With an advanced development and project management processes, we’ve simplified the routine for our customers and achieved stable project delivery.

Business Analysis

We participate fully throughout the project life cycle. During the business analysis stage, we help you to take an honest look at your business model. After that we develop your solution with a much higher value for the end user.

Quality Control

Prior to start the actual work, we pay a lot of attention to your expectations of the final product. We make a list of clear requirements of the final product, which help us to validate and verify it.

Cost Control

We provide complete transparency in tracking individual performance of employees and you get full control over your budget.

Our Approach

Project Life Cycle Diagram

Technological Experience

We have the perfect mix of technological experience. For more than 10 years, we’ve been pivoting to address the constantly changing tech landscape. With our breadth of knowledge, you can feel confident relying on our tech expertise.

Industry Experience

We’ve completed 170+ projects for many industries. With our extensive experience, we are ready to apply our knowledge.


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Value and Cost

We have 50% lower rates than US and EU markets. In addition, we outperform other Eastern European companies by delivering qualitative software with significant benefits for you and your project.

No hiring fees
No retention expenses
No vacations and sick day expenses
No extra taxes

What you see is what you pay for!

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